Administration Department


Administrative and student Affairs develops and maintains the university’s sound teaching and internal control structure in alignment with best strategic plan, policy.We emphasize a service-oriented, team approach to providing teaching assistances,information, systems, and policies that meet fiduciary and regulatory responsibilities, address the operational needs of the University’s departments, and serve the needs of our students, parents, alumni, fellow employees, and sponsors.


The mission of all Administrative Services units is to provide essential services supporting UCS-Mtla in its pursuit of excellence in teaching, research, and public service.


Faculty of Computer Systems and Technologies is one of the Largest faculties in the University of Computer Studies, Yangon. The Faculty offers a combination of courses that emphasize both a theoretical and a practical foundation in Computer Systems and Technologies. The Faculty emphasizes development of Cisco Network, Cyber Security, Geographic Information System, Image Processing, Natural Language Processing, Information Security, Computer Architecture, Embedded System Lab, Automation and Robotics, Digital Media and Computer Vision and Digital Signal Processing. The Faculty is very friendly, knowledgeable in their area of interest and experienced working in IT related industries.

Personal Information

Dr. Mie Mie Khin

Degree Type Ph.D (IT)
Rank  Rector
Faulty Administration Department

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