Faculty of Computer Science


The faculty of Computer Science’s mission is to lead in computer science research and education that has real-world impact — to push the frontiers of the field and produce the next generation’s leaders and produce the local development applications using IT.


  • To provide required computer science related knowledge and education
  • To practically practice the students the theory and algorithms with real world problems
  • To explore new directions and innovative ideas to the students as well as teachers
  • To train the students to be intellectual, wise and strong
  • To promote quality of teaching, learning, research, and management by using ICT effectively

Our faculty areas of expertise include programming languages, natural language processing, geographic information system scientific computing, and high assurance computing. We organized our faculty with university Distinguished Professors, and extremely active and competitive lecturer, assistant lectures and student organizations.

Our CS faculty trains students to be world class problem solvers, team players, and logical thinkers. Our curriculum exposes students to a wide range of computing areas. Courses range from design and analysis of algorithms, the design and analysis of large-scale software systems, artificial intelligence, and cyber security. Our students participate in activities outside of class, which include research experience, internships and community outreach.

Dean of Faculty

  • Dr. Thidar Win – Professor – Ph.D(IT)


  • Dr.Hmway Hmway Tar – Professor – Ph.D(IT)
  • Dr.Thein Than Thwin – Associate Professor – Ph.D(Computer Engineering)
  • Daw Mya Than Hnin – Associate Professor – M.C.Sc.
  • Daw Myint Myint Toe – Lecturer – M.I.Sc.
  • Daw Aye Aye Moe – Lecturer – M.I.Sc.
  • Daw Myat Thet Nyo – Lecturer – M.I.Sc.
  • Daw Yi Yi Win –  Lecturer – M.I.Sc.
  • Dr.Win Lai Hnin – Lecturer – Ph.D(IT)
  • Daw Khin Thu –  Lecturer – M.C.Sc.
  • Daw Saw Win – Assistant Lecturer – M.C.Sc..
  • Daw May Zin Tun – Assistant Lecturer – M.C.Sc.
  • Daw Yin Lin Thu – Assistant Lecturer – M.C.Sc
  • Daw Su Myat Sandar Win – Assistant Lecturer – M.C.Sc.
  • Daw Hla Thuzar – Assistant Lecturer – M.C.Sc.
  • Daw Khin Phyu Thant – Tutor – M.C.Sc.

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