Faculty of Information Science


  • To produce qualified computer scientists and professionals
  • To practice the students to be qualified to their corresponding subjects


  • To apply student-centric education system
  • To train the students’ knowledge and education with practical, tutorial and project assessments
  • To make sure the teachers of Faculty of Information Science to finish all the courses and practical test as schedules

Dean of Faculty

  • Dr. Hlaing Phyu Phyu Mon – Professor – Ph.D(IT)


  • Daw Aye Aye Thein – Associate Professor – M.I.Sc.
  • Daw Pa Pa Win –  Lecturer – M.C.Sc.
  • Daw Zin Mar Naing – Assistant Lecturer – M.C.Sc.
  • Daw Thin Thin San – Assistant Lecturer – M.C.Sc.
  • Daw Thida Lwin – Assistant Lecturer – M.C.Sc.
  • Daw Seint Wint Thu – Assistant Lecturer – M.C.Sc.
  • Daw Chit Su – Assistant Lecturer – M.C.Sc.
  • Daw Zin Zin Swe – Assistant Lecturer – M.C.Sc.
  • Daw Hnin Yu Hlaing – Tutor – M.C.Sc.
  • Daw Thu Zar Htet – Tutor – M.C.Sc.

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