UnderGraduate Information

Admission Criteria

  • Candidates must pass the matriculation exam held by government,
  • Candidates must possess the total exam marks not less than the mark specified by the University.

Programme Structure for Bachelor Degrees (B.C.Sc./B.C.Tech.)

  • Students have to take five years (10 semesters) course work for bachelor degree.
  • Students are required to pass all semesters in mid-term and final examination for course work.
  • Students are required to fulfill the attendance percentage up to 75% for every course work year. Otherwise they have no chance to sit for the exams.
  • After five years of course work, qualified students can join to Master degree.

Duration of Programme

The bachelor programme is full-time and divided into two semesters in every course work year.

  • First Semester – December to April.
  • Second Semester – June to October.

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Mi Ba Yeik Hostel ( Only Female)

The hostel provides the following services:

  • Open at 6AM to 7PM.
  • No fees to transport Hospital when illness.
  • No fees to withdrawn the money from bank.
  • Support Meal (Optional).
  • 1000Ks for charging Phone and 2000Ks for charging Laptop.
  • Support Electric from 6PM to 6AM.

Room type and Price

  • Single Room –  30,000Ks
  • Double Room – 15,000Ks
  • Triple Room – 15,000Ks


  • Three Blogs
  • Two  Buiding has 12 rooms and one building has 7 triple rooms.

Address – No(66).Pan Taw Sat Village, TawMa Village Group, Meiktila Township, Mandalay Division
Phone  09-256184748, 09-796605323

University Hostel

Welcome to University Housing

University Housing is here to support you through your academic and social life. Living on campus offers so much more than four walls and a bed. Not only do you have convenient access to additional resources, but you get to experience college with all the great traditions of being a Duck! Meeting friends, bonding with your roommate, taking classes together, watching movies in the lounges, or eating dinner together with your hallmates, well, that’s just the start.

We provide following welcome supports to students who are eligible to stay in on-campus student dormitory.

  • Accomondation fee (5000 kyats per month)
  • Meal support (32000 kyats per month, lunch+dinner, one main course and two side dishes on daily basis).
  • Will be safe and sound environment under teacher’s control and management.

Room type and Price

Public Room –5000 kyats per month


Safe and Slient Environment under university teacher’s control and management.


Address – Unviersity Campus, Meiktila-TharZi Road, Taw Ma Village

Phone –  +95- 064-24417, +95-064-24217
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As management, part of our role is to observe cleanliness and maintenance of the hostel, to establish security and safety in the residential halls, to ensure that integration between the residents is maintained, and that the rules and regulations of the hostel are adhered, to ensure students would enjoy their learning and living at the University of Computer Studies Meiktila.

Our Objectives

We are committed to provide students:
  • a safe and secure, comfortable and clean living environment
  • the assurance that our residents have opportunities for personal development and growth
  • our understanding and a quick response to the needs of our resident-students collectively and individually
  • the independence of a self-catering accommodation or the more traditional feel of a catered residence

Our Services

It includes ensuring students enjoy the experience of living in an impressive quality environment. The University offers students a healthy residence with services that support their learning and development process.

Accommodation Choices

There are two options for the University accommodations:
  • On-campus Accommodation – (University Hostel)
  • Off-campus Accommodation – (Private Hostels)

Student Affairs


  • To send information letters the annual entires of computer university to their parents
  • To receive new computer university student in every year
  • to make student’s recommendation letters
  • to calculate student’s roll call
  • to announce student’s exam result


  • To do all heads of department concerned with students in the class
  • To send information of student in the class and to prepare and save them at once
  • To help the student’s needs as possible as we as

Head of Student Affairs

  • Daw Nwet Nwet Oo – Registrar


  • Daw Nyunt Wai Wai
  • Daw Aye Nu Lwin
  • Daw Zar Zar Hlaing


Head of Finance

  • Daw Aye Myat Thandar Win


  • Daw Zin Mar Aye
  • Dae War War Nwe Hlaing
  • Daw Kay Thwe Yu
  • Daw Zin Mar Oo
  • Daw Hlaing Thi Thi Moe
  • Daw Phyu Phyu Win Shein
  • Daw HSu Mon Aye

Department Overview

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