As management, part of our role is to observe cleanliness and maintenance of the hostel, to establish security and safety in the residential halls, to ensure that integration between the residents is maintained, and that the rules and regulations of the hostel are adhered, to ensure students would enjoy their learning and living at the University of Computer Studies Meiktila.

Our Objectives

We are committed to provide students:
  • a safe and secure, comfortable and clean living environment
  • the assurance that our residents have opportunities for personal development and growth
  • our understanding and a quick response to the needs of our resident-students collectively and individually
  • the independence of a self-catering accommodation or the more traditional feel of a catered residence

Our Services

It includes ensuring students enjoy the experience of living in an impressive quality environment. The University offers students a healthy residence with services that support their learning and development process.

Accommodation Choices

There are two options for the University accommodations:
  • On-campus Accommodation – (University Hostel)
  • Off-campus Accommodation – (Private Hostels)