On-Campus Dormitory

Student Dormitory of CUMTLA

Unviersity Campus, Meiktila-TharZi Road, Taw Ma Village
Phone : +95- 064-24417, +95-064-24217

The hostel offers a comprehensive off-campus accommodation service for students wishing to live off-campus.

The hostel provides the following services:

Welcome to On-Campus Student Dormitory

University Dormitory is here to support you through your academic and social life. Living on campus offers so much more than four walls and a bed. Not only do you have convenient access to additional resources, but you get to experience college with all the great traditions of being a Duck! Meeting friends, bonding with your roommate, taking classes together, watching movies in the lounges, or eating dinner together with your hall-mates, well, that’s just the start.

We provide following welcome supports to students who are eligible to stay in on-campus student dormitory.

  • Accomondation fee (5000 kyats per month)
  • Meal support (40000 kyats per month, lunch+dinner, one main course and two side dishes on daily basis).
  • Will be safe and sound environment under teacher’s control and management.
  • Open within 6:00 AM – 6:30 PM (Summer) and 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM (Winter)


Safe and Silent Environment under university teacher’s control and management