University Hostel

Welcome to University Housing

University Housing is here to support you through your academic and social life. Living on campus offers so much more than four walls and a bed. Not only do you have convenient access to additional resources, but you get to experience college with all the great traditions of being a Duck! Meeting friends, bonding with your roommate, taking classes together, watching movies in the lounges, or eating dinner together with your hallmates, well, that’s just the start.

We provide following welcome supports to students who are eligible to stay in on-campus student dormitory.

  • Accomondation fee (5000 kyats per month)
  • Meal support (32000 kyats per month, lunch+dinner, one main course and two side dishes on daily basis).
  • Will be safe and sound environment under teacher’s control and management.

Room type and Price

Public Room –5000 kyats per month


Safe and Slient Environment under university teacher’s control and management.


Address – Unviersity Campus, Meiktila-TharZi Road, Taw Ma Village

Phone –  +95- 064-24417, +95-064-24217
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